Devil's Den - July 9, 2009


(Click on each picture to see a larger version.)

Our hike began on a logging road The road was in active use by logging equipment
A giant saw cuts trees to length We leave the logging road and proceed to the Devil's Den trail
Jerry at the peak of Devil's Den Mtn. The area has many fascinating rock formations

We find the top of  the cave

  Our group in front of the main entrance (Don taking picture)
Another view of the cave entrance Jerry, Paul and Rich in the cave
Don comes back out Beverly ventures inside
Rock wall to the left of the cave entrance View of the cave entrance from above
View looking down into the top of the cave opening Rich ventures down into the top opening
A flashlight is needed to peer down into the shaft Rich can see the ladder but the shaft is very small
Enjoying lunch above the cave View of Caverly Mountain from above the cave

Our hiking route on a Google Earth satellite photo

Our hiking route on a topographical map with an elevation profile  

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